Friday, 21 December 2012

Just another ramble..

So it's almost Christmas. I haven't bought anyone a present. I decided, since I'm poor and don't have a job (yet), that my mummy can put my name on the things she gets people - I save alot of money and time that way..
It doesn't really feel like Christmas though.. So I don't really have much Christmasy rambling to do.

So I'll talk about broccoli.
Look at that beautiful broccoli! I grew it all by myslef! ;)
It tasted really really good.
Ohh look! I went to the beach!
Yes, I did go to the beach by myslef and read.
What else am I meant to do? Go with friends? That's ridiculous!
Reading is pretty much my best friend. Almost..
And later, after growing broccoli and going to the beach I picked flowers.
Flowers make me happy.
I like flowers.
*Some many days later.. I forgot how many..*
I had my vaulting christmas show! It was really fun!
My team, the Swans, theme was vampires.
I don't have any photos yet but I'll be sure to put some up when I do. :)
*later that day..*
I went to Abbys! For a total of four nights. Four nights of top and tailing with my best friend.
It was fun top and tailing.. We haven't done that since we were like 7!
Aren't we cute?! ;)
Today, I was babysitting.
Did lost of baking.
And bathed them, Levi and Micah.
Isn't Micah adorable?!
I love him! Tehe :)
Well that's enough rambling from me..
Lecy xx

Monday, 10 December 2012

Just stuff..

I survived! The wedding is over! I think it went pretty well.. It was just pretty stressful.. But it's over now! And I'm so glad I'm not getting married..
But now I have heaps of free time.. So me and Sheryl went adventuring at the beach..We found eggs..
Obviously, we kept them.. And named them..
This one is Snazz! Sheryl is looking after Punk and Trolley man..
Oh! And did you know it's nearly Christmas?! I only realized today.. So I got over excited and did some decorating :D

This is probably one of the coolest Christmas things we have..

Oh!!! And this thing is awesome! It sings me little songs when you press the buttons..

And these are the beautiful flowers us bridesmaids had for the wedding!

I fell over and took a photo..

Pretty flowers! And my really tired looking face.. :P

As you may have noticed, I take some really stupid/funny photos when I'm tired.. And I laugh at myself a lot.. But that's okay, I'm not weird.. :P
Anyway, it's time for a nap!
Lecy xx